• The Proposal

    For Thanksgiving 2018, Melissa and Eric flew to LA to spend the holidays with his family. Little did Melissa know, Eric had secretly been planning for months for her parents, twin sister and brother-in-law to be there to surprise her. At Thanksgiving dinner in front of both their families, Eric got down on one knee […]

  • Here, there and everywhere

    Back in the U.S., Eric treated Melissa to the best first date that she’d ever had. She was taken by his spontaneity, drive and creativity. He was impressed that she was so smart and could also make him laugh. Melissa and Eric soon began traveling all over the world: Japan, Spain, Peru. Along the way, […]

  • The brunch to end all brunches

    Fast forward to Dubai. Yes, the deal was legit, Etihad didn’t cancel all the flights when they realized young black folks were pouring into the U.A.E., and Melissa and Eric both cleared customs (?). Once there, Melissa and Eric both attended a massive brunch party where they met by chance. Their travels overlapped by only […]

  • And behold unto them, an error fare was given…

    Our story begins in the early morning hours on Christmas Day 2014. While many were sleeping or frantically wrapping the final gifts, Travelnoire, a social media account that showcases black travelers around the world, posted an unbelievable glitch fare for nonstop flights from the U.S. to Abu Dhabi on Etihad Airways. Melissa and Eric both […]